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If you're a secondary or prep school counselor helping your students identify the best place to continue to develop their intellect and leadership, we want to support you and help you deliver the information that your students need to make informed choices about applying to W&J College.

Class of 2025 by the Numbers

When your students ask you for information about W&J College, our numbers can help you describe the profile of currently admitted students. Our demographics show our small class size, our students' academic merit, the activity of student athletes, and the residential nature of our campus.

Class Size

2025 Class Size



76.2%  White, Non-Hispanic

13.8%  Students of Color

8.3%    Multiracial

1.7%       Ethnicity/Race Unknown

2%       Non-Resident

Primary Geographic Locations


68.8%  Pennsylvania

4.9%    Ohio

4.9%   Maryland

21.4%  All other

High School GPA, First-Time, First-Year Freshmen

33.4%  3.75 or higher

19.2%     3.50 - 3.74

Student Athletes

186    Freshmen

24      College Sports Teams

53%   Total Student Athletes

3.45   Average GPA

Residency Rates

89.7% First-Year, First-Time Freshmen

45       Number of RA/Resident Staff

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